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Dynamic Self Defence is a practical and powerful self-defence system that is fluid and enjoyable to learn, for all abilities and ages.

The Dynamic Self Defence system is based fundamentally on Krav Maga techniques with a strong influence from Kickboxing, Choi Kwang Do and Jujitsu. 

Benefits of DSD classes include: practical self defence, a safe and controlled learning environment, womens only classes, builds self-confidence, develops co-ordination and improves overall health and fitness.

Dynamic Self Defence schools can be found in North, East and West London.  Our children's classes start from six years old, with dedicated adult classes starting at thirteen.

IKMF & DSDA - Join Forces

The Dynamic Self Defence Association (DSDA) has the great pleasure to announce that the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) and DSDA are working together to further develop Krav Maga within the DSDA system.

The IKMF was founded by the creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, based on his experiences growing up in war torn eastern Europe. Imi trained in various sports, including boxing, wrestling, gymnastics and swimming and excelled in international competitions. He used his expertise, particularly in weapon defences, to train elite army units. 

Avi Moyal is the current Chairman of the IKMF. With over 35 years teaching experience in Krav Maga, Avi continues to instruct military units and security organisations worldwide.

Gideon Hajioff has trained at the highest levels of Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Choi Kwang Do for nearly 40 years. He has had the great pleasure in working with Avi Moyal in recent years and now wants his students to benefit from the IKMF syllabus.

Together Gideon and Avi are reintroducing IKMF style Krav Maga to London, with specialist seminars and courses ranging from weapons defence,  defences from the ground and much much more. Read more...

It is a very exciting time for DSDA and we look forward to the next few years. 

Call for more information on 020 3286 9775 or email    



2 week intro course


10.30am - 12.30pm  Thu 5th & 19th Nov'15
                   in Mill Hill, NW London




Stanmore:   term ends on: Thu 17th Dec'15
                                                                            Hendon:     term ends on:  Thu 17th Dec'15                                  
 Ealing:   term ends on:   Wed 16th Dec'15
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              Next colour belt grading dates:

      Child:   Sun 8th Nov 2015 (Mill Hill)
                  Wed 11th Nov 2015 (Ealing)
         Adult:    Sun 8th Nov 2015 (Mill Hill)
                       Black Belt Grading:


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