Adult Classes – onsite

Due to reopen as of Mon 12th April.

Join us online meanwhile

Training will be according to the Government guidelines: starting with open training sessions for adults (where individuals can train, guided by the instructor), non-contact and social distanced etc. We look forward to resuming contact training as soon as we are permitted to.

We look forward to welcoming you


We have multiple disciplines to choose from in Hendon (and Krav Maga is due to reopen in Essex). Training must be pre-booked.


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Krav Maga Hendon

Monday19.30 – 20.30Mixed Adults ( & via Zoom)
Tuesday19.30 – 20.30Mixed Adults (Beginners)
Wednesday 18.30 – 19.15 Mixed Adults (& via Zoom)
Thursday19.30 – 20.15 Mixed Adults (Beginners)
Sunday11.00 – 12.00Mixed Adults (& via Zoom)

Krav Maga Essex

Timetable for resuming Essex classes TBA

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Timetable for resuming BJJ classes TBA

Muay Thai

Monday12.15 – 13.15Mixed Adults
Monday20.45- 21.45Mixed Adults
Tuesday12.15 – 13.15Mixed Adults
Wednesday12.15 – 13.15Mixed Adults
Wednesday19.30 – 20.30Mixed Adults
Thursday12.15- 13.15Mixed Adults
Friday12.15 – 13.15Mixed Adults
Saturday11.00 – 12.00Mixed Adults


Monday 13.30 – 14.30 Mixed Adults
Tuesday20.45 – 21.45Mixed Adults
Wednesday10.00 – 10.55Ladies only
Wednesday13.30 – 14.30Mixed Adults
Saturday9.00 – 9.45Mixed Adults (& via Zoom)


Timetable for resuming MMA classes TBA


Tuesday13.30 – 14.30Mixed Adults (Beginners)
Thursday20.30 – 21.30Mixed Adults
Saturday12.15 – 13.05Teens (13-16yrs)

Fitness – Stretch & Move

Thursday10.00 – 10.55Mixed Adults

One to One Training

Contact us to book

Corporate training

Contact us to book