<h2>Dynamic Self Defence Academy Fitness and Conditioning</h2>

A fitness, strength and conditioning program are now becoming a staple part of every athlete’s preparation for their sport. For decades we have known the importance of sharpening your skills until they are finely tuned and automatic for us to perform, even when we are exhausted. However, specific conditioning programs have only recently become a vital part of an athlete’s preparation.

Aside from the obvious benefits that come with being an athlete, with better conditioning and more strength that has been developed to specifically boost your abilities in your sport, strength and conditioning (S&C) is probably more important for injury prevention.

An athlete that follows a well designed S&C program can prevent or even eliminate muscle imbalances as well as strengthen tendons and ligaments, which leads to fewer injuries. Most sports require an athlete to focus on skills through one side of their body (a boxer has a dominant hand / foot, football players have a dominant foot. golfers swing the same way etc). by addressing this imbalance you not only prevent injury, but you strengthen the existing biomechanics.

So injury prevention is vital, however, what about increasing your strength, speed, power and confidence? An S&C program is the key to unlocking the potential in all of these areas.

The benefits of being a faster or more powerful athlete are obvious. By increasing your speed you’ll be first to the punch, tackle, intercept and by upping your power you‘ll jump higher, accelerate faster and become more explosive. However, the most powerful benefit of an S&C program is in your mindset and confidence, as an athlete that knows what they are capable of and believes in themselves, is unstoppable!

By embracing your fitness, you are committing to your athleticism by your core skills  – a solid foundation.

At DSD Academy our expert instructors run fitness and conditioning classes throughout the week for men, women and children of all ages and abilities.

Glen Weinstein heads up the fitness aspect of the academy and for good reason, his extensive knowledge inspires us at all levels of experience to push ourselves to be stronger and fitter applying this to Martial arts and self defence.

Fitness, strength and conditioning are becoming a vital part of an athlete's preparation for their sport