Gideon Hajioff

Krav Maga

I founded Dynamic Self Defence in 2001, With nearly 40 years training experience in security and self defence.

Disciplines include:

He specialises in all levels of Krav Maga to both civilian and security ranging from beginners to advanced instructors. His approach to training is about principles as each situation is different so working on reaction to a given threat will ensure an appropriate response.

Gideon has extensive experience in security and close protection Krav Maga teaching private security to organisations and individuals around the world.

Gideon has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and works as an Acupuncturist, Craniosacral Therapist which gives him an in-depth understanding of the human body, which he applies to his teaching.

Gideon’s Krav Maga Adults classes

  • Hendon Sunday 10.30am till 11.45Am
  • Hendon Monday 7.45pm till 9pm
  • Hendon Tuesday 7.15pm till 8.30pm
  • Hendon Wednesday 1.15pm till 2.15pm
  • Hendon Wednesday 8.30pm till 9.45pm
  • Stanmore Thursday 8.15pm till 9.30pm
  • Hendon Friday 12.15pm till 1.15pm

For Gideon’s children’s classes please check timetable on the Children’s Classes page

The DSD Academy is a full time training centre that enables you to train in a variety of martial arts, combat and self defence disciplines. Fully equipped, air conditioned and accessible, you can train in one specialist area or across the board to build the skills you require for a rounded training experience. We provide specialist courses, such as women’s self defence, security, instructor accreditation and ongoing training for personal development in fitness, flexibility and nutrition, all geared towards martial arts and self defence.