Stretch & Move

Online fitness classes with Physiotherapist, Cris

  • Tuesday 12.30-1.15pm (energetic)
  • Thursday 10.00-10.45am (relaxed) – starts 25th Feb

Benefits of ‘massage with movement’ with Physio Cris

  • reduce body tension & soreness
  • increase your range of motion
  • improve your mental wellbeing
  • reduce risk of back problems
  • reduce risk of sprains & strains
  • improve posture & circulation

and all with an expert guide!

Cris Cuzzolin is a Physiotherapist who coaches: Capoeira, Low Pressure Fitness, Posture & Movement.

Her Zoom classes are for all levels.

Physio Cris will instruct you to move in the ways your body is naturally designed to via stretches and exercises to strengthen your posture, stability and range of motion that will help your everyday activities. When moving you increase your circulation and bring mobility to your joints.

This is important for all ages and lifestyles, whether you sit for long periods, exercise regularly, carry children / heavy objects etc. Everything involves movement, but many people do the same routine everyday, creating movement patterns that are not natural or do not promote muscular balance (perhaps due to repetitive movements) and so the body gets stiff or develops pain. Therefore practising movements that are realistic to daily life with more freedom and body awareness is key to your physical wellbeing.

Stretch & Move (relaxed)

Cris will describe each movement step by step, guide you with corrections and allow you to practise each stretch/movement with more time and depth. Whether you are new to exercising and require more attention, or are a regular exerciser who needs more time under tension to benefit from deeper stretches and repetitions, this class applies to all. It’s an ideal complement to DSD Academy’s other disciplines – training your body to move safely can only help you be a better puncher, kicker, grappler, acrobat etc – all part of the training you can do through our various classes.

Stretch & Move (energetic)

Cris will describe each movement, give you feedback to guide you and help you move correctly at a more energetic pace to the relaxed class. This will create further challenges for your body and, as you increase your awareness of how your body moves through space and time (proprioception), your body will adapt to a better way of moving. By improving the neuromuscular pathways using natural movements that you were born to do, you are helping prepare and maintain your body for any physical activity.

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