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Do not forward these passwords to anyone, please refer any newcomers to us directly. Thank you.

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Zoom logins for this week:

Krav Maga

KIDS (Yrs 1-6):
Mon at 6pm: ID 656 456 5464, Pw 8642 (Link)

All Zoom classes are now alongside live / onsite classes 
at DSD Academy

Sun at 11-12pm: ID 656 456 5464, Pw 8642 (Link) 
Mon at 7.30-8.30pm NEW TIME:  as above   
Wed at 6.30-7.15pm:  as above 
Fri at 8-8.45am:  as above



Zoom classes are alongside
live /onsite classes at DSD Academy

Saturday 9-9.45am: ID 784 1794 4781 Pw tdwboxing (link)