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Boxing dates as far back as 1600BC, and is a fantastic addition to your self defence training. It was introduced into the ancient Olympic games in 688 BC and is now one of the most popular contact sports in the world, helped by household names like Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Nicola Adams and Anthony Joshua. 

Boxing is an explosive sport, based on attacking your opponent with speed and power. Workouts incorporate all muscle groups, power, speed, agility, and force. Boxing is a great stress and anger reliever, as well as a confidence builder.

At the DSD Academy, we teach people how to box in a safe but fun environment.  We don't have a ring but do offer sparring, pad work and bag work to help people improve hand speed, footwork and reaction time and fitness. A typical boxing class involves work on the heavy bags, assistant training with sparring partners, partner conditioning drills and core strengthening exercises.



Not only does boxing equip you with the strength and fitness to feel more confident, it provides you with a "winning mindset" that is likely to bring you more success inside and outside of the gym.


Padwork involving punches and evasion has been shown to improve cognitive function and visual processing speed, which both contribute towards improved reaction time.


Boxing encourages you to be in the zone, where you're so focused that your brain enters a flow state. In this state of mind, your brain creates five potent neurochemicals that can flush out stress-causing hormones.


Boxing is a full-body activity which provides both high intensity cardio and strength fitness training, which leads to toned muscles.


We have put together a pro boxing team who love what they do, so whatever your motivation: fitness, handcraft, footwork or self defence -you will enjoy our classes.

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After struggling with weight issues and obesity starting from the age of 8-21 (heaviest weight was 22 stone or 139kg) Ricardo decided enough was enough at the age of 22 and got himself down to the local boxing gym, to get himself fit and in shape, upon doing so developed a love, even a passion, for the fine art of boxing.

He then left the sport for a few years but returned as a fitness instructor who’s niche and skill was to teach the art form that he loves so much in a welcoming, electrifying, energetic fun filled but action packed format designed by himself for all fitness levels, abilities or ages.


"I really enjoyed the mixture of boxing and the legs/core workout. Great lesson, great teacher!"

Amanda S (5* App Review)

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