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Adding Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to your self defence skill set is invaluable. It's a fusion of all combat fighting styles merged into one dynamic martial art and is a full-contact combat sport that allows both striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, from other combat sports and martial arts. 

It is a complete combat sport where you’ll learn boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, karate, judo and other sports. It’s one of fastest growing martial arts in the world.

MMA compasses hand to hand fighting formats and martial arts systems. The main two formats are Standup Fighting (striking an opponent with your hands, feet and head) and Wresting/Groundwork (grappling i.e. grappling on the ground, getting control of an opponent by getting on top of an opponent, arm bar - submission hold).

MMA training provides all-round combat skills that will push your fitness and ability to the limits.  Training involves body conditioning drills, pad work, strength and cardio.  We wouldn't recommend MMA for absolute beginners as a grounding in in Muay Thai, Wrestling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is essential.



MMA is one of the most well rounded forms of combat developing both standing and ground fighting which is always tested against opponents


This is one of the most enjoyable forms of combat as it combines disciplines in one system including strikes, joint locks and chokes.


MMA gives a cross section of practical combat which enhances both stamina, physical strength and conditioning


Training of this nature makes you more able to sense the position and stability of your body, helping you build agility and coordination


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Growing up in a family of martial arts enthusiasts, it seemed inevitable that my first foray, as an adolescent, into the world of health and fitness would be through martial arts. I have been competing and training in the art of Muay Thai and Judo for a combined 17 years. I hold a black belt in Judo, 4 weight division gold medalist and recently become CFS Muay Thai English Champion and prior, to that, England’s heavyweight Silver Medalist in the World Muay Thai games held in Bangkok, Thailand. My passion and experiences in Martial Arts and fitness have broadened to specialise in Boxing, weight training, strength and conditioning, weight loss and more.

At a young age, I learnt that health, fitness and well-being of an individual is a connection with the mind, body and soul. As a personal trainer and coach, I like to take a fun and educational approach to each workout session for adults and also children. My aim is to equip you with not only the skills, but also the knowledge of how to reach your fitness and health goals but also expand your knowledge in Martial Arts. Whether it’s to be ready for the summer or to be ready to enter the ring, my goal is to help direct you through your journey to get there.

Qualifications and Achievements

  • Active professional fighter

  • British champion

  • European contender

·         Certified Personal Trainer

·         Certified Level 3 Nutritionist

·         Certified British Judo Coach

·         Level 3 Safeguarding and Child protection

·         First Aid qualified and Lifeguard qualified

·         CFS Muay Thai English Champion


"Very good! Shall continue the classes as before I felt so out of practice".

Barry Crean (5* Google Review)

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