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MT only Price List
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See our live timetable and book adult training sessions

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  • Start with £5 trial

  • £12/class, paid by term

  • £45 one off Starter Pack (includes uniform t-shirt, Krav Maga trousers, colour wrist band & star/assessment book) or £30 Muay Thai/Boxing/Capoeira


Become a member for reduced pricing options or train as a non-member (see below):

Any 5 /10 / 15 classes per month or unlimited classes (members):

  • eg if training twice per week, select the 10 classes per month option

  • any class, any mix of disciplines eg Krav Maga + Boxing + others

  • use the app/web to pay & book each class - eg you're busy this week but you do 3 classes next week, you choose when you train

Krav Maga only / Muay Thai only unlimited classes (members):

  • for those who wish to focus on one main discipline you can come to as many classes as you like for either Krav Maga (in Hendon & Edgware) and Muay Thai (in Hendon)

  • use the app/web to pay & book each class - Muay Thai fans can do double sessions - padwork followed by sparring (according to your level)

Single month vs Rolling month (members):

  • Single month = pay a single month of classes (by card/cash) and use the classes within 30 days of purchase. When you're ready - book another month.  Choose 5 / 10 / 15 / unlimited classes  - each month can be different.

  • Rolling month = £5 discount each month. Works like a direct debit (off your card), auto-payment on the same date each month. Unused classes can be rolled over to the next month (whilst you are actively paying each month). £5 to freeze your payments. No long term contract, just a min 2 months.

Pay As You Go (members / non members):

  • £5 Stretch & Move (this class is free when you do the class before or after it)

  • £10 Fitness class (ladies only classes, no trial, no joining fee, just a flat rate)

  • £15 Single class (members) 

  • £18 Single class (non members)

  • use the app/web to pay & book each class

Become a Member:

  • One off payment of £30 (paid after your trial) - ask for promo code to claim back £5 trial fee

  • Entitles you to any of the above monthly memberships or members PAYG rate

  • Includes Tshirt, lifetime training insurance, £5 shop discount (we have an onsite shop supplying all your training equipment and uniforms).  

  • To pay via the app: go to Buy, Entry Fee and select Starter Pack

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