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Enhance your self defence with Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art, whose roots can be traced back to the 16th century. A highly acrobatic and fluid art which mixes kicks, spins, dodges and sweeps into a dance-like routine that is played in a circle with two opponents.

It’s an empowering and expressive art form that combines self-defence techniques, acrobatics, music, and ritual into a beautiful game of physical expression. This dynamic blend of movement is an exciting way to challenge yourself physically, develop confidence and respect, relieve stress, boost energy levels and have fun!

Capoeira can enhance general well-being, improve fitness, build strength, flexibility and technique. It is adapted to suit different ages and abilities, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

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Start anytime, 1 trial plus a block of 4 classes to give you a chance to try before joining up for more. 



Unlike many sports and activities, Capoeira takes the body in all directions. It bends, twists, curls and stretches, developing mobility throughout the joints and muscles.


Weight-bearing movement in all directions is demanding on the  cardiovascular system, increasing stamina.


Capoeira is all about reacting quickly to evade, trick or ‘attack’ your opponent. Regular practice builds fast reflexes and superior agility.


Many of the moves require balance and taking the body’s full weight through one leg or hand, strengthening upper arms, chest, shoulders, legs and back.



Mestre Hiram - creator of Capoeira Club London - was born in Bahia, Brazil and started training in Capoeira when he was eight years old. Hiram came to the UK at the age of 18 and started to teach Capoeira for children and adults. He created a unique training experience, incorporating specific strength and flexibility goals, and combined the Brazilian famous swing and warmth of the Brazilian culture in his classes, making them accessible for all ages and all ability levels.

Hiram has the highest recognition as a Master level in Capoeira with over 28 years experience.

Hiram had the privilege to work with some of the oldest Masters from around the world, Mestre Acordeon & Mestre João Grande. He also supports an indigenous group, The Kiri Tribe in the Amazon, as with his master, Mestre Sombra. 

He has represented the club in various shows from BBC One Breakfast, ITV Morning Life, Sunday Breakfast, Channel 4. He worked with the Royal Academy, Lion King Choreography team & his clientele included Andy Serkis, Lorraine Ashbourne & Nitin Ganatra to name a few.

Family is very important and in-between living, breathing Capoeira he enjoys spending time with his wife and little daughter (who is following in his footsteps).

  • A Capoeirista for 26 years 

  • Received the highest recognition in Capoeira in 2019 of Mestre (Master) 

  • Has been teaching for 16 years

  • His philosophy is that everyone can do Capoeira – he creates classes for all levels of fitness & ability.

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Contra Mestre Cristiane Cuzzolin grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She Started Capoeira when she was 15 years old, since then she has found her passion in body expression.

Cris has lived in London since 2008, graduating as a physiotherapist
specializing in Low Pressure Fitness which involves breathing and
posture techniques.

She is a Contra Mestre at Capoeira Club London and has the capacity as working with adults & children. Representing the club in various shows and workshops in the UK and overseas.

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Professor Rui De Sousa, born in Lisbon, Portugal started training Capoeira when he was 10 years old. Since 18, Rui has been teaching Capoeira to kids and adults across England.

He is passionate about getting the best out of each student, using creative teaching techniques to make classes fun but also challenging, developing students strength in both body and mind.

Rui is a qualified personal trainer, specialising in high-intensity and explosive training.

Rui has competed in Capoeira and has performed around the world at Festivals, Luxury Resorts and Parties. He often brings his acrobatic and movement flare to his classes.

His passion for movement and fitness continue to grow, exploring
new disciplines and techniques to share with his students.



"I thoroughly enjoy Cris’ lessons. She explains all movements well and pays attention to ensuring that your body is warmed up and primed to perform specific moves. She observes and corrects yet still gives an intensive class. I would highly recommend".

Idonnya Aghoghogbe (5* App Review)

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