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We offer a range of women only classes for all age groups, including Self Defence, Fitness and Boxing.

Whether your goal is to improve your confidence, fitness or technical ability - we've got it covered. Feel healthier and stronger, competent and empowered, aware and ready. Each class has its own benefits, do a combination for best results. All our expert instructors are ready to welcome you, whatever your level or ability, we will help you succeed.

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Women's Self Defence (Krav Maga) is a practical and effective self defence system. The best way to keep safe is not to get attacked! 
You will learn how to avoid and disengage from dangerous situations. Be able to defend yourself against strikes, grabs and holds, knife/weapon threats and attacks on the ground to help you feel empowered in everyday life. We offer short courses (adults) and weekly classes (Early Teens Girls - school years 7-12). All ages and abilities are welcome. Your best protection is you....


If you want a fast paced, energy boosting workout, Cardio Combat Fitness is the ideal combination of total body fitness and padwork. Fitness and self defence instructor Einav will make you smile while you sweat! Get your heart pumping, muscles working and say goodbye to stress as you hit the pads into tomorrow.

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Feel comfortable training in our Women's Boxing class (taught by male coach) as you learn the techniques, including punching and footwork and combine it with a variety of exercises to increase your fitness, strength and stamina. All levels are welcome. A great combination of fitness and skill - and it's fun!


Cardio Conditioning, taught by Physio Cris, involves plenty of mobility and bodyweight exercises to get your body moving safer and stronger, building cardiovascular fitness and stamina. Often involves free weights and padwork for an extra power boost. All levels welcome.

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Taking your first step is often the hard part. We often have enquirers asking if they can do this training if they've never done any before - YES! This is for you. If you train regularly too then you will work according to your level and ability.

We want everyone to feel comfortable in our classes and to walk away with a smile and that feel good factor that it is worth the effort. We look forward to welcoming you soon.



"A great place to train and get fit. One 2 one training, group sessions and lots of different defence classes to choose from throughout the week. The team of coaches/ trainers are very experienced.  And unlike a lot of other similar places, this gym is clean with no unpleasant smells".

Mani Vekaria (5* Google Review)

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